Pet Safety

It’s all about the SAFETY of your Dog

The K9Guard Hidden Fence System has been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe by thousands of satisfied customers.  Fully customizable, K9Guard systems are safe, flexible and easy to use electronic dog fences . Our receivers are fully programmable that can be customized for your pets personality and training requirements.

Radio Technology

Electric dog fences all work in a similar way by sending a radio signal to an electrical collar placed around your dog’s neck.  Once you have wire boundaries are set up, you train your dog to stay within the flagged perimeter.   Our system provides maximum protection from unintentional stimulation caused by stray radio signals. 

Long Rechargeable Battery Life

Short battery life can compromise your dog’s safety. With a K9Guard Hidden Fence System you’ll charge the battery less frequently than with other brands.  K9Guard features containment systems using Lithium-Polymer powered Rechargeable Collars (which only require a 1-hour charge every 2-3 weeks). This extremely popular feature can save you hundreds in in battery costs over the average lifetime of each dog in your household.  This also enables K9Guard to offer the “Lowest Cost of Ownership” of any professionally installed containment system in the area. 

Lightening Protection

Lightning Strikes and Power Surges are the leading cause of damage to Hidden Dog Fence Systems.   K9Guard systems wants you to feel confident that your new fence system is protected should your home experience and electrical surge due to lightning.  That is why we install a premium lightning and surge protector with every installation.

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    Every day we are thankful we had you install the underground fence. It has been the best thing ever! We’re wondering how we lived so long without it!
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