K9 Guard Difference
Our mission statement is 100% pet containment – all the time. It starts with a quality product and includes professional installation , training for you to understand the important information about the system.
K9Guard uses the best dog fencing wire available in the industry. With our experience, we believe the wire to be one of the most important components of your installation and we only use ONLY Heavy Gauge High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) Pet Fencing Wire. Triple insulated, direct burial capable and abrasion resistant makes our wire last decades.
K9Guard features containment systems using Lithium-Polymer powered Rechargeable Collars with power saving mode when no motion is detected (receivers only require a 1-hour charge every 2-3 weeks). This extremely popular feature can save you hundreds in in battery costs over the average lifetime of each dog in your household. This also enables K9Guard to offer the “Lowest Cost of Ownership” of any professionally installed containment system in the area.
K9Guard offers collars that tough, durable and waterproof sealed, not just water resistant.
Our premium dog fence systems come complete with a built-in integrated battery backup in case of loss of electricity. There is no need to worry about your dog leaving your property during a power outage in your neighborhood. Our dog fence systems can run for approximately 30 hours on 6 standard AA batteries. The system constantly monitors these backup batteries for freshness and will alert the owner if the batteries ever need to be replaced. Our competitors charge up to $129.95 for a battery backup that has to be installed separately and then have wires running over to their transmitter, which does not look good as it is not integrated. We include them with our installations.
All of our systems come with lightning protection built-in. Rest assured, if there is an electric surge in your home for some reason, our systems are designed to withstand these types of situations. You should also take comfort to know that all transmitters that we install have a limited lifetime warranty in the unlikely occurrence of lightning and electrical surges.
Our systems include a Unique and Patented “Run-Through Prevention” feature that automatically increases the stimulation level when your dog continues more than 1/3 of the way through their pet fencing field. Your dog cannot escape the pet fencing field without activating a stronger stimulation. This Unique and Patented feature has proven to really convince dogs it is not worth their time to try and leave the boundary and will keep your dog(s) safe and contained in your yard. In our experience, we have had a few situations where some dogs consistently run through our competitors’ systems. When the customer swapped out that system for ours, their dogs were safety contained because of this “Run-Through Prevention” feature.

Rather than attempt to contain your dog with painful zaps, K9Guard uses a unique gentle approach that has produced outstanding results.

Our training method is so effective that owners need to spend only 5-10 minutes, three times a day, during the first day training phase to teach pets their new boundaries. Dogs love the training because it is painless, fun, upbeat, and comes with lots of tasty treats!

We realize that not everyone is looking to pay a premium price for a system with lots of features that they may never use. That is why we always offer our customers different options when pricing systems. All of our systems are extremely effective at containing your dog(s). It really comes down to personal preference and cost, so that is why we make different price points available to our customers.
We provide fast, free quotes that don’t require a site visit. Call us today or fill out our contact form and we’ll call, text or email you with a quote as soon as possible.

Many of of our competitors lead customers to believe that you’ll get free equipment forever if you buy one of their systems or you have 30 days to try the system and get you’ll money back if you are not satisfied. However, you’ll also notice that most of them have a full page of disclaimers and exclusions in fine print to avoid having to refund your “installation costs” if you are not satisfied or replace those items that failed.  Our product guarantees on all systems are straight forward and simple to understand.  

  • Transmitters: Full Lifetime warranty on all transmitters.  Full replacement at no cost to the customer.  Transmitter failures are extremely rare.
  • Receivers: Two year warranty on all receivers with full replacement at no cost to the customer.  This warranty does not cover damage to the exterior housing of the collar.   Receiver failures are rare.  
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