What People Are Saying
Below is a small sampling of the appreciation that we received from our customers.  
Rex is doing great on the fence! One week and he is trained and loving running in the yard. I can’t tell you how much I love the fence, and how impressed I was with your installation, explanations, and training…put me down as one HAPPY customer!
Brian and Leslie
Tequesta, FL

We are very satisfied with our new invisible fence.  It was a significant cost savings over a vinyl fence and the dogs love the full yard freedom.  Aside from the flags around the perimeter of our yard, you couldn’t even tell anything was done at our property.  The installer was very meticulous and did a great job and went over the training program with us.  Overall, we are very happy so far with our choice to go with K9 Guard based on price and the service provided. 

Jennifer F.

Jupiter, FL

Annie, our smooth collie, is like a new dog since you installed our K9Guard System. It took just three days to train Annie, and everyone in the family is happier; especially Annie. She has the freedom to run as she pleases and at the same time, she is safe, and we have peace of mind.
Stephanie C.
North Palm Beach, FL
This fence has been absolutely wonderful!
Barbara K.
Stuart, FL

Thank you for a great job.  Aside from the flags around the property, I can barely tell anything was done.  Very professional installation!

Meghan K
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Well, it took some effort to get Remy to learn the new system, but he now understands and respects the boundary. Thanks for a simple effective system with minimal disruption to our yard.


Lake Worth, FL

The fence is working wonderfully well. Sam learned quickly and he is well contained! Thanks for a great job!
Sheila M.
Palm Beach, FL
Having a hidden dog fence installed was the best thing that ever happened for our pets. We highly recommend K9Guard. The system gives them the freedom to be themselves…is very cost effective considering the cost of fencing in a yard. We are still free to enjoy the views of our yard without any obstructions, and enjoy watching our dogs run and play.
Phil and Eleanor
Delray Beach, FL
Thank you do much for installing our K9Guard Fence! It’s only beeen a week and a half and Lady has been off her leash in the yard all weekend, and is doing great. It’s amazing how fast she learned her boundaries. I must say that it was money well spent, and the peace of mind that she will stay in the yard is… priceless.
Susan T.
West Palm Beach, FL
Well, both dogs are pretty much with the program! Yesterday there were all in the yard, and I had to run out to the garbage truck- always a BIG attraction for them. Even though the truck was idling right outside our driveway and I was over the fence line, they respected the fence completely and didn’t even bark more than once or twice. So it is really working! It’s been a pleasure meeting you and doing business. I really appreciate the energy, integrity and obvious care for your customers.
Danielle S.
Hobe Sound, FL
We are all so happy with the new hidden fence. Our golden retriever loves her freedom and seemed to understand from the beginning that her new collar would improve her quality of life…even though we live on a quiet road, before we had our new fence installed, she felt the need to visit everyone on foot, in cars, or on horseback. It’s a relief not to worry about that anymore. The K9Guard did a great job installing the new system and explaining the training regimen. They truly make the effort and stand behind the product.
Georgette L
Palm City, FL
After months of dealing with our HOA to get a new fence installed, my husband and I were fed up so we decided to have a hidden fence installed. We are so happy that we did. The cost was less than half of the fence that we planned on installing and it seems to be just as effective. We are really happy with our new fence and K9Guard was professional in every way.
Nancy K.
Jupiter, FL
One of the things you can’t easily quantify or put words to, but is by far the most important point to mention, is the increase in Mollie’s quality of life. From the moment the system was installed, she has truly been happier all around. My only wish is that we had done this sooner… Mollie knows her boundaries, and given the flexibility of the K9Guard system, she now has a great space to run and play. I would recommend (and already have) this system to anyone and everyone with a dog- it’s no comparison to the alternatives… this is the way to go hands down.
Marcia L.
Boynton Beach, FL
I want to thank you for all your efforts in getting our new pet fence installed and the training that you provided. It’s really simple system to use, which is perfect for us. So far, it is working our really well and little Sammy has learned the boundaries quickly. Thank you!
Donna P.
Palm City, FL
Great product, service and people. Keep up the great work.
Ken C.
Jensen Beach, FL
We are very happy that we chose your company to install our underground fence. It has been such a relief to not worry abou the dogs running away! We’re wondering how we lived so long without it!
Sarah H.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
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